About Short Sale Expert Attorney Ted A. Greene

The Law Offices of Ted A Greene, Inc. can help you with a variety of legal situations. Ted is distressed property experts in the areas of Short Sale, Foreclosure and Loan Modifications. he also handles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases. He also can help with most personal injury cases. If Ted does not handle the area of law that you need help with Ted will at least try to refer you in the right direction.

Ted Greene in addition to being an attorney is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker so when the housing crisis hit Ted found himself in the position to help many people who had upside-down mortgages and didn’t know where to turn. Ted has all the necessary services under one roof to help someone in distress with their mortgage and most of the time it doesn’t cost the homeowner any money. Because Ted has it all under one roof Ted can most times help someone by analyzing their unique situation and help them craft the least damaging path out of their financial disaster. What most people absolutely NEED in this critical time is legal advice and that is what Ted is an experts in along with the real estate side of our business.