Short Sale Attorney

by lotag

“Many homeowners despair because they do not see any options. Buying a home was supposed to be a great investment. Now, they can’t even get what they paid for it. Life is still happening and they feel stuck.” – Jamie Parker,

Luckily, there are alternatives to the current economic situation in the housing market.

Have you ever thought about foreclosing on your home? If you have, did you know there was an alternative route that would not damage your credit or harm you? Foreclosing on your home can damage you in the long run. It impairs your credit score and you may not be able to rent or buy a new home for a very long time.

One of the least damaging alternatives to a foreclosure is a short sale.

Short sales can be very beneficial to a homeowner. Many of the big lenders are now offering cash incentives to homeowners if they opt for the short sale route! These big banks include Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citi Bank; incentives can go as high as $35,000.

Here at the Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc., short sales are our specialty! Our team of short sale negotiators will benefit you and your agent! You not only get a short sale team, but you also have an attorney on your side!

“Because of the complexity of the short sale process, and the fact that different banks and lenders handle the short sale process in different ways plus have different requirements, people are searching for short sale information and help.” – Noel Berrios, short sale agent

Our office is dedicated to real estate and short sale negotiations. We’ve dealt with hundreds upon hundreds of short sales in California and we can help you too!

We can provide you a free consultation with our attorney, Ted Greene. Ted will take the time to analyze and determine if you are qualified for a short sale on your home.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Well, I know places that give free consultations all the time—what makes yours so different?” What makes us different is time. We give ample time to analyze your home and to make sure we go through every square inch of it. After analyzing, we’ll be able to consult with you. When we consult, we make sure to handle our homeowners with care. This means there are no timers on how long our consultations will be. Many places may give free legal advice, but they also set timers on their advices. Some will put you in a room, and once the 15 minute timer dings, they kick you out!

Here at the Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, our homeowners and our clients are our number one care, and even if after the free consultation you choose not to proceed with us, there are no hidden fees or costs to you. We are here to help, not to hurt.

This is very beneficial to you, as you are given free legal advice on your home and how you can handle the situation you currently are in. Many real estate agents will tell you that you don’t need an attorney, or that they can give you legal advice, but be weary of these agents, as that is not the truth.

Real estate agents are not allowed to give legal advice at all.

Give us a call or email us today to get a free consultation!

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